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Okay, wow.


Edited to add: So now there’s this.

Edited again to add CNN’s take (kind of a stupid one, though).

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Happy Pride 2008

To those who participated, those who wanted to but couldn’t, and those who will next time…

Via this dear friend:

Happy Pride Parade 2008

In the name of Peace and Pride
On behalf of The Holy, who is our Divine Beloved
Because WE are Holy
We march today

For those who cannot march
For those who have marched before
For those who have no idea that anyone can march
We march today

For you, if you would like
For ourselves
For the intersection of the sacred and the profane
We march today

To honor the past
To change the future
To live in the present
We march today

Also – check this out.

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Garden blogging….

Gone a couple of days and before we left, the tomato plants were all blossoms:

Get back today to see a couple of these (just a little bigger than a quarter):

We’ll be gone next week, so it looks like neighbors/pet sitters might enjoy the first tomatoes. This guy, however, is getting consumed today:

And yes, you may look all innocent right now, Mr. Squash Blossom…. but we know you and your kind intend to take over the world in several weeks:

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