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via Racialicious:

There were no crush of grief counselors when our 11 year olds got shot by strays or on purpose. There were no pundits filling column space and air time when our girls got raped or became pregnant too soon. And when our children came up missing… when our children came up missing…

When our children came up missing there was silence. Silence and indifference. There still is.

Nancy Grace doesn’t have an aneurysm on camera when LaToya goes missing. Dan Abrams doesn’t get outraged when Marcus or Jamar vanishes. Katie Couric and Barabara Walters don’t break down in tears when kids from South Central are murdered. Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann don’t interrupt your program when Jaunita is found chopped up into pieces. Magazines and newspapers aren’t tracking those cases. They’re just not news enough or “human interest” enough for all of that.

We Want Our Kids Back, Too is a viral web campaign that is spreading the word about missing and endangered children of color. Inspired by and in the spirit of What About Our Daughters, Missing Minorities and Black and Missing, Black Canseco has created these ads to spread the word.

Please join the campaign. Visit www.photobucket.com/ourmissingkids for ads to post.

(and if anyone who uses WordPress can tell me how to make these images bigger… please do so! I chose the biggest size and this is what I got….)

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