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Classes begin on my campus this week – time to start dressing like a grownup again! I’m looking forward to being back in the classroom.

In the meantime, there are preparations to be made. Or at the very least, an attempt at one last day of truly unstructured time.

In the absence of a real post (I’ve got one brewing) here are a couple of academically inclined posts of interest that caught my eye today.

There is a Hurricane Gustav wiki up with lots of frequently updated information; it includes a page for college students.

Over at Anti-Racist Parent, Asha Jeffers contributes a guest post with tips for students of color at predominantly white colleges and universities:

… as a (very) recent graduate who attended one of those less-than-multicultural universities, I wanted to share some tips that helped me and many of my friends minimize the frustrations and maximize the good times of the university experience. I believe these tips are useful not only for students of color but their friends, families and professors who want to understand some of the issues they may face.

Profbwoman writes about a UCLA professor’s charge claiming too many black students are being admitted. Said professor stepped down from the admissions committee.

Ajuan Moore at Black on Campus writes once again, black people on Harvard’s campus are assumed to be trespassing.

Happy new school year, everyone. Going to sharpen my pencils…

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