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I participated in this last year and plan to do so again this year.

In October 2007 people all over the United States gathered physically and in spirit to speak out against violence against women of color. Some of us wore red all day and explained that we were reclaiming and reframing our bodies as a challenge to the widespread acceptance of violence against women of color. Some of us wrote powerful essays about why we were wearing red and posted them on the internet. Some of us gathered with bold and like-minded folks and took pictures, shared poetry and expressed solidarity.

This year, on the first anniversary of the Be Bold Be Red Campaign, we invite you to make your bold stance against the violence enacted on women and girls of color in our society visible. In D.C., Chicago, Durham, Atlanta and Detroit women of color will be gathering to renew our commitment to creating a world free from racialized and gendered violence, and this time, we’ll be using a new technology called CyberQuilting to connect all of these gatherings in real time. To learn more about CyberQuilting, which is a women of color led project to stitch movements together using new web technologies and old traditions of love and nurturing, visit www.cyberquilt.wordpress.com.

Join in – read more here.


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Oh, heck. Never mind.

Via Jezebel and Sociological Images:

Syndicated cartoonist, mind-reader and racist Gordon Campbell knows why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama and it has nothing to do with any of the thoughtful reasons that Powell gave because, as Latoya said this morning, “in-depth reasoning skills” belong to the majority race. Nope, obviously Colin Powell is a traitor to the Real America.

Maybe these folks showed up for the same reason:

ETA: Yeah, what she said:

I only have one question really. Why is it that whites who have been voting for white people since the US became a country were not engaging in racial solidarity voting, and a black man endorsing another black man is? When white people vote of course it is about serious issues; the economy, the war, education and health care. When blacks vote, it is all about helping a brotha out. No, no racism evident in that kind of thinking at all.

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