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Things you should read

Ay – I’ve no time to write so how about I point you to some fabulous stuff other people are writing?

The Black Snob – On Little Black Girls, Beauty and Barbie Dolls.

So with this project I wanted to both bring to light the true beauty of all girls, especially those battling that negativity that destroys self-esteem and makes for a deep sadness of feeling unwanted and unloved. I wanted to not just make a piece of literature to combat ignorance, but a love letter to all those little girls I wanted to embrace. That I wanted to sit down next to and color with. That I want to tell “you are special, if to NO ONE ELSE, but to me.”

Monica at Transgriot has an important post on the dissing LGBT news gets from the African American media.

The messaging of that movement sought to deny segregationists any chance to use negative stereotypes of the African-American community to impede the progress or momentum toward freedom and equality. In the zeal to show that we’re Americans ‘just like you’, the frank discussions and coverage of GLBT issues in Black owned media and newspapers that were taking place in the early 50’s disappeared because of a reluctance to air the community’s ‘dirty laundry’.

I think you can guess what issues became considered the community’s ‘dirty laundry’ as the Civil Rights Movement gathered steam during an era of McCarthyism and increased calls for Black gay peeps like Bayard Rustin to lower their profiles in a movement they helped organize, create strategies and provide funding for.

Go – read.


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