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Holding my breath….

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ETA – In the meantime, how about some Election Day hopeful music?

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“Don’t mess with my TV”


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A Plea to Young, White, Male Obama Supporters

Petty violence, symbolic or otherwise, has never been a useful tool of critique and simply illustrates the ignorance of those who resort to it. If you cannot think your way through why, then consider Obama’s call for a “different kind of politics” where fear and loathing are met with hope and reason.

If you are considering doing something childish in the next 8 days, stop it. Stop it now.


ETA: and read this, too:

Counter Productive And Just Damn Wrong

So listen up and I will speak very clearly. There is a big difference between standing up for yourself as compared to sneaking out under the cover of darkness to deface someone’s property and by so doing strip away their ability to feel secure in their own homes. It’s wrong when it’s done to us, and it is just as wrong when we do it to others. So stop it!

If you want to support this struggle for marriage equality, fine. There is a lot of work that needs to be done between now and next Tuesday. But if you just want to run around and play urban junior terrorist – No. that doesn’t help to stop Prop 8 any more than Ashley Todd’s self-mutilation helped the McCain campaign. We are better than that.

Yes, we are better than that. All of us – let’s not resort to what we hate. We are better than that.

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No? Didn’t think so – I didn’t either until this afternoon, although the incident happened last weekend.

h/t Pam’s House Blend

Ashley Todd, as you may recall, faked being attacked by a 6′ 4″ black man who carved a (backwards) B in her face.

Nancy Takehara was actually attacked, the attacker confirming what he did.

She is an Obama Volunteer going door-to-door.

She was assualted. Her attacker has confessed.

Goetsch grabbed her by the hair and beat her on her head.

This REALLY happened.


If she had been a white girl, you might have heard about it.

From the Chicago Tribune archives, October 20:

Goetsch tells The Journal Times in Racine that he did pull the woman’s hair and regrets his actions.

Police say their report on the incident will be forwarded to the Racine County District Attorney’s office when it’s complete.

Video including Takehara linked here.

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Yeah, these quick posts are like my mood these days – up one minute, down the next.

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On the other hand….

McCain/Palin Rally
October 24, 2008
Denver, CO

This is your nation on hate. Makes you proud, don’t it?

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Makes me feel better about October.

More here.

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