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We are heading back north tomorrow and plan to be home by Sunday evening. Squeezing out the last bits of sunshine today….

However, lest you think we lay about all day long, every now and then we do haul our bodies off the beach and around some table to feed our faces.

At least twice this week we acted like tourists and did our bit to stimulate the local economy. Good stuff…

The rest of the time we cooked for ourselves. That wasn’t bad, either.

I’m out… see you next week.

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Beach update #2…

Just some photos…

Sunrise over Tybee Island

The pier at dawn

Sea oats

Love this….

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Beach update #1

We left home at about 9:15 pm on Friday, the fourth of July. The plan was to drive through the night and we did it.

Some things I learned: it’s hard to prepare for a night of driving by taking a nap the afternoon before… when the afternoon before is the fourth of July and everyone and their grandmother is setting off loud, obnoxious fireworks. Just saying.

*When one sleeps at night, one is unaware of hunger. However, when one is awake – completely different story.

*Drinking bad gas station coffee on an otherwise empty stomach is not smart. It’s even not smarter to have another a few hours later.

*On the other hand…. driving through the night pretty much gives you the road to yourself. That’s something.

Early on Saturday morning we drove through the Smoky Mountains.

By late morning we were seeing signs that we were almost there.

By early afternoon, we were here.

This is my life… at least for the week.

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